Linda Graham & Christy George's Story


We had always heard the words ‘homecare and ‘hospice’ but really knew nothing about it. We always thought it was for people who were only a few days or a week away from death. In 2007, our Mom was diagnosed with cancer and given a prognosis of six to eight weeks to live. We immediately inquired about hospice care. We wanted to keep Mom at home and Homecare & Hospice made that possible for us. Their compassion and care allowed all of us to be together during this emotional journey. We felt this time with Mom was a gift. We were able to be with her, share memories, and feel the love of our family together.

We were still grieving the loss of our Mom when Dad was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Homecare & Hospice was still providing grief support to our family, and again, we turned to them for their professionalism and guidance in order to keep Dad at home.

Knowing we had the benefit of all of their expertise was so comforting. In both experiences, we did not have to worry about being a nurse to our parents and could just be their daughters.

The care Homecare & Hospice provided our Mom and Dad was outstanding, thanks to them we will always treasure the final time we spent together. We will forever be indebted to Homecare & Hospice for the gift they gave our family by caring for our Mom and Dad.

We are Linda Graham and Christy George and we are Homecare & Hospice.

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