Vern Gannon's Story


I am Homecare & Hospice for myself and my wife, who benefited from the care, education, and encouragement of home health.

As I prepared to recover from surgery and return home from the hospital, my doctor thought that home health care would be a great fit for my needs. I was pleased to discover that our local organization, Homecare & Hospice, offered home health care and would be working with me during my recovery. Homecare & Hospice worked with my doctor to create an individualized care plan to meet my needs during recovery in the comfort and convenience of my own home.

After we got settled, the nurses came to our home and not only addressed my medical needs, but they also provided a great deal of education and support to my wife as well. They were knowledgeable and professional while still being so kind and helpful. They helped to ease a lot of stress and strain for both of us.

To me, the encouragement from the nurses was very uplifting and an important part of my recovery. The home health care that Homecare & Hospice provided was able to help me meet my recovery goals and get me back to doing what I love to do.

I am Vern Gannon and I am Homecare & Hospice.

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